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about me

As a sapphic romance author and screenwriter, I'm passionate about increasing the representation of sapphic women over forty in literature and on-screen.


I write about women in their prime, experiencing everything life throws at them - missed opportunities: regret: lost loves: family problems: aching joints: and menopause.


With a degree in, and a passion for Archaeology and Heritage Management I never miss an opportunity to sneak a historic building into my books. The Nunswick Abbey Series features a Georgian country house, a quaint historic village setting and of course, oodles of ruined abbey.


When I'm not glued to the MacBook, I bow to the unreasonable demands of my cat overlord, and walk my starving, velcro Labrador. 


My short film, The Third Act, out in 2022, is now available to read as a novella.


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